All Saints vision 2021-22

Montage of All Saints imagesThe All Saints church priorities for 2021-22 were set out by our Vicar, Rev Sarah, during her sermon on Sunday 26 September.

We've committed to make our church a place where 'All are Welcome'. A place where people can come as they are and can begin or continue their journey of faith in Jesus.

Sarah asked everyone in the church family to be part of delivering this vision and to extend our welcome in three areas:

1. At the door – as new people arrive, making sure that they know where to sit, and that they are welcome to stay for coffee afterwards, get their contact details so they can receive the weekly email and Facebook updates. Create 'a welcome centre' at the back of the church.

2. In our building – to declutter the main sanctuary space. Clear up the flaking plaster and paint the interior walls (we are aware that this will need some funding).

3. Beyond the front door – Develop our presence outside the church e.g the gardening group, a Discovery Group at a pub, outreach events. 

Here is a video of Rev Sarah's sermon (in full):

If you have questions or would like to get involved in one of the projects please email Rev Sarah or give her a call on 0161 485 3455.

Look out for updates on these projects throughout the year!